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Modern day magician deception

God is poring out his Spirit in abundance in these last days - just as he said he would.
However the Devil is stepping up the 'In your face' false miracles and wonders, to pave the way for the Antichrist and The False Prophet.

The Antichrist, and especially The False Prophet, will perform miracles and wonders unlike the modern world has ever seen before - 

The world will be transformed into a new age of belief in supernatural power and wonder - they will think the Antichrist and False Prophet are the key to understanding ancient mysteries and 'truth' about humanities existence and the reason why all life came to be. The duo's aim will be to unify the world under this new system of belief - thus disregarding the real truth about Christ's death and resurrection for a counterfeit 'truth' which will ultimately make Christ out to be evil or like the Devil 'an enemy of mankind' and make real evil to appear as though it is good and like 'God'.

Many of the "wonders" seen in the below videos are performed by the same kinds of spirits/demons which worked in Egypt at the time of Mosses - these wonders held the Egyptian people captive to false belief systems and helped 'support' their faith in them. However if the Egyptian people had looked deeper and studied the truth more carefully they would have seen that they were actually being manipulated and fooled, ultimately by Satan.
The same tricks are being used today - however when the Antichrist is in power God will allow Satan to use his full power to deceive - so it will be even more captivating and powerful. The world will be convinced that a new era has arrived, and that the mysteries of the past have been brought into the 'light'. 

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