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The righteous reproduction problem

human being duplicated

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you see just yourself and nothing else – or do you see more?

The answer is that we actually see more than initially meets our eyes. For example, when you look in the mirror you can see not only the external image of yourself but also the image of your parents. Not only can you see your parents but a whole history of features and external characteristics that came from your genetic family tree. Not only can you see a past image but also a future image e.g. in your face you can also see your son or daughter who will resemble you. Also a man shows the image of a woman and a woman shows the image of a man. All these images go right the way forward and backwards in time. It’s a bit like looking into a reflection of a reflection of a reflection etc...(If you stand in front of a mirror and at the same time position another mirror in front of you facing the other mirror you will see that effect, your image goes on for as far as you can see.) So we are made in the image of the one before us and the persons after us will resemble us – all these images point back to God who created us to resemble himself.


So not only do we resemble other human beings but we also resemble the eternal God who made us – Genesis 1: 26-28. God made us in his image – both externally and inwardly (human nature). But in order to do this right God had to create us as a superficial representation of himself, which I will now go on to explain.

Human beings have been made by God to be a reflection of himself - but just as a reflection is viewed the wrong way round by the observer we too resembled the truth in a transverse way (that is before the truth was revealed by Jesus Christ).

Being made in the image of someone else is a huge part of our lives, this quality links us to our parents and our family, from this we stay together as groups, and this forms our family tree with many connecting branches. So the family tree is very important because from it we see our history.

However, many people only go back only a few generations when studying their family tree. But as we all know a tree is made up of many connecting branches and goes far back under the ground to the roots. Also these roots come from one seed, which can be interpreted as the truth. In other words, the truth about the family tree of humanity comes from a single seed not many different seeds. Only one truth makes up the history of the world, which is the Bible.

So let’s think about this: your parents came from their parents and their parents came from their parents etc, etc, so eventually you would get to the point where upon you would only have two people – male and female. There would also be no cars, buildings, roads or clothes etc just two people and nature. This is an obvious but powerful plain fact.


These two people were of course the first two human beings created by God, Adam and Eve their images are reflected in the whole of humanity. They are at the very start of the world’s family tree. This is the real truth about humanities origin and the history of the world which goes right back to the roots of life itself which is God the creator. So God is the source of life for humanity and humanity was created in two people by and through God’s word – Jesus Christ. So when you look in the mirror your image shows the reflection of all humanity and also the eternal God our creator. God made them as man and woman and to this day we are still called just that - man and woman. Eve was called Eve because she was the mother of all human beings.

Human beings were given Godly characteristics in a superficial way because only God himself has the right to have the same characteristics in a truthful way (as I will go on to explain). Only God himself can have these characteristics in all truth as he is righteous alone.

Firstly let’s think about these questions:

How could God create beings which had righteous qualities like he does without being rivals with them?

How could God make other gods like himself without conflict - how could these beings be acceptable to him?

For example: If God had made another god exactly like himself then there would be two righteous spirits meaning that God alone was not righteous! There would be two independently righteous spirits co-existing - meaning God could not be good alone! God would have created his own enemy! This is something God could not do as it could not be true. So God had a problem when it came to creating beings that were like him.

Yet God still wanted to create beings in his image. So God had a problem to solve when it came to creating human beings. He had to make them like himself yet create them as ‘non-righteous’ beings. How could he create beings like himself that could copy his flawless righteousness and mimic his nature yet not be an enemy and a rival against him? (This problem I call ‘The righteous reproduction problem’ or RR problem).


So instead of making righteous beings he made human beings to behave as though they were righteous (having a will of their own and desires and pride). God was able to do this as he decided to create them blind to the truth. In other words if God created human beings to be gods, like him, but did not allow them to know the truth about their nature they could not be held accountable for their behaviour, nor would they be rivals with God even though they acted in a ‘righteous’ or Godly manner. They could not be held accountable as they would be unable to understand their own conduct and nature. So God made us unaware of truth by creating human beings not knowing what is good from what is bad – Gen 2:15-17.

So although human beings were created to behave like gods – we were not aware that we did – this made it acceptable to God.

This is the reason why we were created not knowing the difference between what is good and what is bad. It is all to do with the fact there can only be one righteous God. God made human beings as gods but we were gods who were blind to the truth. God could not make another being/spirit in the universe with his own qualities which was independently righteous to him. Only one is righteous and that is God himself. If God made another spirit that was independently righteous of themselves there would be two righteous Gods – meaning there would instantly be war and animosity - Impossible!  Only an evil God would have done such a thing – but God is not evil he is good. God cannot be untrue. So instead of that God made human beings to mimic, as it were, his righteous qualities and nature. He did this by creating the human race to have his own Godly characteristics, but not in truth (this is explained this in ‘Our Superficial feelings and nature’).

God ultimately wanted to create beings like himself so that they could do as they pleased (like he can) with their own desires and independence and a will separate from his own in many aspects. However God knew that for human beings to have characteristics that he himself has and have their own godly lives with desires, wants and passions of their own, they would have to be created blind to the knowledge, which is:-  to have these qualities in truth you have to be righteous. In other words be exactly like God himself. Now the only way God could make us resemble himself yet still be acceptable to him was to give us a superficial nature that was reflective of his own truthful nature. This superficial nature in human beings could not be fully understood by us to be superficial as we did not have the knowledge to ‘see’ its qualities and our minds were not open to begin to understand this.

At the time of creation our minds were closed to any knowledge of good and bad which would lead to understanding Godly truths about our human nature and thus becoming ‘wise’. That is why before Adam and Eve ate from the tree that gives knowledge, they did not realise they were naked. If you don't know what is good from what is bad you can't see the truth.

So human beings had separate lives to God that existed and functioned on a worldly basis, not a heavenly or truthful Godly basis. We were happy with God because he gave us all that our human nature desired, which was not on the basis of truth. Although we knew who God was we did not know God in truth. When Adam was made he only knew God on a superficial basis not on the basis of truth. It was impossible for human beings to know God on a truthful level as we were blind to the truth.

The video below explains the above topic in greater detail.....please watch for greater insight.

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