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How did jesus carry all our sins?


When Jesus died on the cross it says in scripture that he bore the sins of many in his body. But how exactly is this possible if he never sinned? How is it possible for a perfect man to carry sin in his body to pay the penalty for sin? The answer is indeed genius – only God could do such a works. To find the answer you have to go back to the book of Genesis to the point of the fall of man. When Adam and Eve sinned against God they were cursed with death in their bodies – however although they began to die they still walked the earth – they passed into death in an instant. It is this principle which saves the human race by means of Gods plan of salvation through Christ which I will go on to explain.

The very fact that we were cursed with death is the reason we can be saved through Christ (God actually used a curse to bring forth salvation). When Adam and Eve had children those children would have inherited their parent’s genetic characteristics. One of those characteristics would have been sin (e.g. old age) growing old shows that the curse of God is at work in our bodies and of course everyone is born with that curse built into our D.N.A. So even now when a child is born into this world who has done either good or bad that child is immediately put under Gods curse of death – because we inherit death! This sounds kind of odd, but it is true.

This mechanism (genetically inherited curse) is how God perfectly ‘married’ Christ’s body to sin – even though Jesus himself never sinned he was actually under God’s curse from the moment he was created in Mary’s womb! Christ became ‘one’ with sin without sinning! What an amazing plan! Praise God! He carried sin in his body to the cross by being born of a mortal mother who was cursed with death. The curse of death was at work in Christ’s own body. It was God’s own spirit that caused Mary to bear God’s son – God used woman to take the curse of death to the cross (yet it was the Devil who used woman to bring death to man). By being born of a physical (flesh and blood) mother who was under the curse of death Jesus was able to carry the curse of death in his body D.N.A. He inherited the curse of sin by having a mortal body that had already been cursed with death through Mary (his body came from Mary yet his spirit would reflect the full nature of God at the time God chose as it was God’s spirit that gave him life - like Adam). So God made Jesus became ‘one’ with sin without Jesus sinning - Perfect!


So when the scripture says he carried our sin to the cross he actually really did! (Both in physical reality and divine principle). The sacrifice of Jesus was not superficial to the truth – like animal sacrifices were in the Old Testament. Because Jesus carried the curse of death in his body this meant his body could be punished as God allowed. Jesus’ body was handed over to the power of Satan but his spirit was always connected to God – when God had forsaken Jesus on the cross he had only forsaken his body not his spirit but on the cross Jesus’ spirit was part of his body until he died in body. That is why Jesus said before he died ‘Father in your hands I place my spirit’. Jesus knew that he had to take his body to the cross in order for it to die.  Once his body died he knew that God would give him the authority over death (breaking the curse) – God did this because even though he had the power of sin at work in his body he had the fullness of God in his spirit and because of this he had never done any wrong. Jesus pleased God fully because he was full of Gods own spirit so God raised his body from death and instead of it being a physical body it was transformed into a spiritual body – this undid the curse at work in the physical realm. Christ’s new body had the power over death and his spirit was freed from the prison of his physical body – God gave him the authority over death and the full right to judge.

In scripture it says that anyone who is hanged on a tree is under God’s curse! – That is why Jesus died on the cross! It was not because he was hanged on a tree (the cross) that put him under God’s curse – no it was the fact that he was already under Gods curse and being hanged on the cross showed this! That is why in scripture it says anyone who is hanged on a tree is under God’s curse! In other words we are all under God’s curse of death as human beings – so no matter who is hanged on a tree.

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