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Energy drinks corruption

Hell is real 100% - make sure you don't go there! Keep away from deception to sin.

Many people all over the world now (especially young people) are drinking energy drinks which are clearly Satanic. It is a tool in which the Devil can use to influence the masses and have demons operate through people - in most cases the people are not even aware that they are giving the Devil ground in their life. Demons have very strange and somewhat mysterious powers in which they can manipulate people and bind them in sin.

These clearly Satanic energy drinks, like alcoholic drinks, give licence for demons to operate. The drinks themselves may taste good and even give energy, but the Satanic link is extremely deadly, especially if they are drunk consistently.  It is a way of putting people in bondage without the strong connection to 'drugs'. It is also a trap for people who don't drink alcoholic drinks, including younger people who can buy them.  

Don't drink any at all!

Below a clear connection to the real Satanic meaning behind the drinks logo

Monster drink.jpg

It is plain to see the real Satanic meaning behind the drinks logo's above - they ultimately have one goal - to take peoples souls to Hell - see below video!
Warn others!  

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