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End time information

Unfortunately this video was taken down -  alternative to be sourced.

In this video form S.C.O.A.N Lagos, Nigeria - a young man called Ochia Innocent Oluchi Chidozie is delivered from three demons called Leo, Morpheus and Adder. As he is delivered from these demons the Holy Spirits power makes them confess their wicked plan in his life, and in the process they give an incredible amount of information about how the music industry is being controlled ultimately by Satan - through the pagan god Baphomet. They also reveal that Christians should not purposely listen to worldly music as it gives partial 'licence' for demons to influence them. If believers are under the influence of alcohol and listening to this music then the demons have full licence to enter them. The worldly music is cast with a spell which is performed in secret chambers, using incantations which kind of 'programs' the demons to be able to manifest into human beings through the music. The secret chambers are all around the world and these spell casting ceremonies are performed by people who have Luciferian beliefs, who are rife in the music industry - who have connections to Satan's Church, illuminati, AMORC Rosicrusian Order and Klu Klux Klan.

 Not only is all this revealed but also how the music industry is currently playing a part in the introduction of the Anti-Christ himself into the world, who - according to what the Holy Spirit made the demons confess too - is already born into the world, as they mention Damien's mark of 666 which is used as a hand sign by famous music artists all over the world. 

Watch the video for more information!

We know that there will be a tribulation period, as the bible is clear. We know that the anti-Christ will arise to power around this time. We also know that there is 7 years in which the anti-Christ will rule. These are the last seven years of a 490 year prophesy given to Daniel by the angel Gabriel.

But when exactly does the last seven years start?

This video uncovers this.

Lady Gaga is no Lady what-so-ever she is such a terrible influence (especially on young girls/teens).

Watch this video to get even more understanding about how twisted and into the occult she really is.

It is amazing that the general public like a famous figure like this - bizzare!!


Yet even more information on how Satan controls music industry.

Madonna has been around for years and all the time she has been promoting Satan's agenda of sexual immorality and do what you please.

Madonna seems to have absolutely no conscience regarding her sin and the terrible corruption and bad influence she has brought forward to so many.

Watch for more insight.

In this video is, again, a whole host of information about how Satan attacks believers in Christ. It explains that demons who are cast out of people in the name of Jesus Christ are then tortured in Hell by other demons for failing their missions.

The demon inside this man 'Dakunba' also explains that this is the end time and soon God will pass judgement on the world. So even the demons know the end is near!

In The world is being lead slowly into utter madness...and tolerance of it.

It is actually embarrassing that society is becoming this blind.

Gods judgement is unfortunately on its way.......

This video shows that Satan's plans for his end time deceptions have unfortunately worked very well - and the world is now conditioned to adopt anti-Christ teachings.

Jesus Christ is returning ready!


This video shows that Satan's again powerfully influencing society, promoting Satan's agenda - which almost goes unnoticed.

Jesus Christ is returning very ready!


On 7th of February 2020 at the S.C.O.A.N in Lagos Nigeria a little girl of 12 years of age called Gift received an extremely powerful vision from God when she went up to obtain her share of the S.C.O.A.N's blessed water. She applied it to her eyes and saw a mighty vision. The vision is a warning to ALL believers over the Earth that now is the time to repent an turn back from sin as the hour is late, very late and Jesus will return soon - so we must try to bring more to Christs Church - the Churches of real believers.

Jesus gave the vision to this girl at the Biblical age of 12 showing that we must be like a child so far as sin is concerned to enter into his kingdom. God also made sure that this would go out on Emmanuel TV all over the globe. God himself (large and powerful) was seen upon his golden throne, wearing a crown - as king. Also seen were the 24 Elders and the three Arc angels Michael, Uriel and Gabriel. Let us remember that whenever Gabriel is seen in visions very, very important information about humanity is always given - so this message is absolutely of vital importance and should be taken extremely seriously, as not only was Gabriel seen but also Michael, Uriel the 24 Elders and Jesus himself as king!

Jesus Christ is returning very soon - stay away from sin, repent, and try to win people to Christ....... and be ready!


Keeping in mind the previous video - this video exposes Satan even more within the music industry.

Even artists who can appear 'harmless' can be full of Satan's wickedness and cause many other to fall into sin.

It is so important for Christians to realise just how wicked the world is becoming and not become spiritually de-sensitised to evil in these end times.

In this video an ex-illuminati banker exposes just how corrupt the banking systems are at high levels.

He explains that there are high profile bankers who are actually Satanists - they do the will and bidding of demons, they finance wars and allow the Devil to operate his plans and manoeuvre them in an unseen way.

The reason he leaves the banking world shows just how shocking and sinister the truth of this world can be. 

(This is an age restricted video)

In this video from 2018 - this powerful man of God describes a testing which will be carried out all over the world, before rapture - it is to test peoples character to separate true believers from the false - hence showing peoples true colours (COVID19 is part of this test - but there is more to come).


The church needs to be rapture ready, living holy and in obedience to God's word.

We each have a responsibility for our own soul - God is not going to accept false people, who use and abuse his grace.

Australian X factor winner reveals the secret society who are, on many levels, ruling and manipulating the entire worlds mind-set.

Although behind the secret society of the physical is the spiritual world - which of course is unseen. But this video clearly shows the point at which the rulers of the spiritual meet with the physical in secret. 

Satan is trying to twist the truth in order to make himself look good and God evil.

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