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Demons Giving away information

We are in the End times, and God in his great wisdom and mercy has been giving Christians insight, knowledge and understanding of how the spiritual realm operates, and how people can be in danger of Hell by what they do, see, hear, say, act and follow (and more besides) some of this information has come from God via prophets and men and women of God - however much of the information I am going to show to you however has been revealed by the enemy themselves. God has used Satan's own mouth, so to speak, to reveal vital information.

In this video form S.C.O.A.N Lagos, Nigeria - a young man called Ochia Innocent Oluchi Chidozie is delivered from three demons called Leo, Morpheus and Adder. As he is delivered from these demons the Holy Spirits power makes them confess their wicked plan in his life, and in the process they give an incredible amount of information about how the music industry is being controlled ultimately by Satan - through the pagan god Baphomet. They also reveal that Christians should not purposely listen to worldly music as it gives partial 'licence' for demons to influence them. If believers are under the influence of alcohol and listening to this music then the demons have full licence to enter them. The worldly music is cast with a spell which is performed in secret chambers, using incantations which kind of 'programs' the demons to be able to manifest into human beings through the music. The secret chambers are all around the world and these spell casting ceremonies are performed by people who have Luciferian beliefs, who are rife in the music industry - who have connections to Satan's Church, illuminati, AMORC Rosicrusian Order and Klu Klux Klan.

 Not only is all this revealed but also how the music industry is currently playing a part in the introduction of the Anti-Christ himself into the world, who - according to what the Holy Spirit made the demons confess too - is already born into the world, as they mention Damien's mark of 666 which is used as a hand sign by famous music artists all over the world. 

Watch the video for more information!

In this video a particular spirit shows how he works for Satan by scheming up plans to implement the mark of the beast 666 in 3 distinct phases, one phase for each 6. This information is split up in the spiritual realm so that no one spirit knows all the information alone - only Satan himself - this would be to stop that information from leaking out when demons are arrested by the power of the Holy Spirit, as shown in this video.


Watch for other information too. 

This video has a whole host of information in it - from Satan himself.

There is an interesting part where the Devil himself is trying to boast about how many people he is taking to Hell, and how Jesus (when in the garden of Gethsemane - on the night before crucifixion) should have let the cup of suffering pass - so Satan could rule, with no salvation for mankind.

5:36 into the video


The woman being interviewed (who is now Christian) was used in the past by the Demons as a Satanist.


She was even taken into certain parts of Hell and her testimony is horrific but gives valuable insight.


Her testimony actually mirrors details exactly to what was seen by a Korean woman who was taken to Hell by Jesus, in the below video.   

Korean woman was taken to Hell - and paintings were created of what she saw there.

Jesus wanted the paintings to be made to try to get people to wake up to the terrible reality of Hell - as he is desperate for his creation not to go there as it breaks his heart! -
You will need to watch this video on You tube, as it is age restricted.

In this video is, again, a whole host of information about how Satan attacks believers in Christ. It explains that demons who are cast out of people in the name of Jesus Christ are then tortured in Hell by other demons for failing their missions.

The demon inside this man 'Dakunda' (who at the left hand of Satan, in Hell) also explains that this is the end time and soon God will pass judgement on the world. So even the demons know the end is near!

Yet again the same demon from the above videos 'Dakunda' has now entered this young man and is again expelled by another powerful man of God.

This just shows the reality of demons being cast out of people and then entering others. If you watch closely you can even tell it is the same spirit, as it has the same characteristics and personality traits. This demon seems to want to stop great prophets of God.

Watch for more info, again too!

This demonic principality explains that they have scattered this mans destiny in India, his ministry in China and his finances in Saudi Arabia! - this just shows how little we know about truth!

It also shows that this main demon was commanding enough smaller demons to cover the whole of New York (this event was filmed in New York). Also 15 legions of Demons were assigned to this man alone!

Watch for more info.

This is a long video - but in it there is a whole load of information about how Satan operates - this young girl gives away a lot of information and insight.

Watch and learn! 


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