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Hell is real

Hell is real 100% - make sure you don't go there! Keep away from sin.

Many people can think Hell is a made up place and is based on fantasy. For example even Christians can think there is no fire in hell and God would not send people there, as he is all loving - this is simply not true.

Hell is a place of eternal punishment of an almost unimaginable degree - it is the destination of all people who live in sin and do not repent and turn away from the saving grace of Christs sacrifice.

No-one can ever fight there way out of Hell - the demons there cannot be overcome or defeated - (rather like Hell is depicted in the video game series of  DOOM). It is no game. The only comanalitiy between a game like this and the reality of Hell is that we must were the armour of God to fight the Devil and the forces of Hell using spiritual gifts as weapons and obedience as our foundation in faith to keep us from going there, and others!!

Below are some very good videos to help sharpen your spiritual awareness and help you keep the armour of God on, using your spiritual gifts and obedience in faith.

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