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Confused Catholics

biblical figures

This video exposes the truth concerning the roots of Catholicism. It is in fact founded from Rome going back to the belief system of ancient Babylon.

It is ultimately a Satanic effort to fool people into thinking they are actually following Christ when in fact they are being lead by Satan. 

Watch for more information!

 Unfortunately many Catholics have swallowed the Purgatory lie - believing that it is possible to pray a person into heaven after death regardless of their background. This causes people to rely on prays not on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. 

 Jesus said "I am the way the truth and the life - no man can come to the Father except through me."

If we don't rely on the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross to take away sin then it is impossible to enter into heaven after death. Prayers cannot accomplish this.

Catholic symbolism is heavily founded in pagan beliefs but amended or covered over to hide them.

It takes insight and knowledge to see the links, meanings and connect the dots.

This video will provide that insight. Watch for more information.

In the Vatican city is a very strange building.

This building is where the Pope addresses many members and guests in Catholicism.

It again shows there is a sinister truth behind the Catholic Church.

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