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Christian guidance towards evolution

Creation and all life are governed by laws of creation. This is clear to see. Science is making a terrible mistake. Remember mistakes happen evolution is a theory based on impossible, warped and bent ideas. Let me ask you would you trust someone you didn't know with your child? If you believe in evolution then this is exactly what you are doing, trusting people you don't know with your mind!

You could say you don't know me but the thing is evolution makes no sense, but what I say does. A person who tells the truth always makes sense. The trouble with science is what is known about how creation works sounds impressive and science shows it this way but saying it evolved makes no sense at all. Anyone who makes no sense is a liar.

So how creation works and functions can be studied and is science, but saying it built itself makes no sense, and is not scientific, just like saying a book writes itself. It really is that simple.


So here is a simple formula that underlines much complex and detailed truth.

Creation = sense

Evolution-based “science” = nonsense

"Natural selection" as we know is non-existent and cannot explain how a creature with gills can become a creature with lungs for instance. This impossible occurrence is said to take 'millions of years' and happen in tiny stages, but gills and lungs are totally different so how would the creature survive with half developed lungs? And why would lungs be so called forming over millions of years anyway if they are of no immediate advantage to the species?

Like I mentioned before life is made by the creator, not by the building blocks!?

Otherwise the theory is that this creature is dragging around a half-formed set of cumbersome lungs for so-called thousands or even millions of generations. There would, in this lame theory, have to be an immediate advantage otherwise the 'natural selection' process involved would not continue to pursue the particular direction it has taken, especially over millions of years. So therefore if the creature is so-called surviving without lungs, why should the need for lungs arise?.

Evolution is a Theory that was thought up by a man Charles Darwin who at the time used very primitive science, it was in the mid 1800's that he came up with this ridiculous idea. People first thought the world was a flat square just like the square wheel, but no.... now with understanding and sense we realise it is 3 dimensional and round like the round wheel. So basically the foundation of evolution is old, primitive and thought up by men who didn’t understand how nature and biology worked. But Darwin just took animals that looked the same and started grouping them together, hence evolution.

So over the years people have been told about this idea which cannot work and ultimately used there own imaginations to make it "work".

Hence over the years science has got to know more about biology and teachers have become proud of there so called "knowledge" and become biased in teaching the theory of evolution. Thus as the world has moved on in terms of technology this theory has been commercialised and spread globally and it has got to the stage like I mentioned before where if many people accept some thing that is wrong, unthinking people will not even question if it is true or not.


Also with the education curriculum governed by scientists who believe in evolution, it is a stumbling block from day one. Also many in-depth programmes have been made for television and have been narrated and put together well, but only in terms of showing the way nature has been made and how it all works which displays a

divine intellect and works of a creator, but these programs push creation aside and try to link in evolution instead. So because evolution is linked to these educational programmes people swallow it as well! People can take it in almost without realising!! Think for instance about programmes on the human body. These all display this creative power, and the programmes themselves are like beautiful cakes that are well decorated in terms of displaying creation, then just as it is time to put the cherry on top, a heavy brick is thrown down instead, which totally ruins this beautiful display of creative works, and this is exactly how it is when evolution is attempted to be linked in, it is just like having a nice cake and ruining it with this nonsense. But creation is the cherry which finishes it off perfectly and is the perfect touch to enable the person to have their cake and eat it. So now you can see this issue in this manner, as it should be seen, i.e. evolution is destructive and makes no sense.

Ex-Evolutionest proving a young earth

Part 1

Why did this scienest back away from his belief in evolution? in these videos he explains why, without using the bible at all.

Part 2

Evolution is something that less and less scientists are backing due to how much evidence is beginning to surface which disproves it massively.

Part 3

The final part in these increadible disproving of evolution as well as, proving why the earth must be young!

Interesting Videos

How the flood affected the earth's crust

Ever since God created the world; his invisible qualities, both his eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen as they are perceived in the super humanly created - beautiful and excellent things God has made - which are plain to see! So people have no excuse at all.


People know God but don't give him the honour that belongs to him, nor do they thank him. Instead people's thoughts have become complete nonsense - take evolution for example, from this people think that the shear splendour and genius works of the natural world require no thought at all – but rather they prefer to believe that inanimate natural forces and chemical reactions etc are ramdomly/chaotically responsible..........that life just happened - that from this insane 'mechanism' came primordial soup to man evolution, through a 'Natural Selection' process.


Natural selection proves nothing on its own anyway – of course the fittest survive, of course the strongest win etc, etc.  All ‘Natural Selection’ really means in truth is that the order of DNA is slowly getting worse and more mutations (defects) are present as time goes on – and as this is happening the fittest survive the strongest win......I mean so what! This evolutionary idea of primordial soup to man is simply not a fact. It is a scientific fairy tale. Nature does not find a way - these kinds of evolutionary saying are warped beyong the parameters of reality.

Order goes to disorder it is the natural law!

Also animals, like plant life, have been designed to change (adapt) in certain environments – it is all part of highly complex life biology coded into D.N.A.


  It is clearly seen that in nature God has written a code that is plain to see that instructs cells and all life to grow to be the incredible things he has divinely made, this instruction code is of course DNA. If such a code was found carved onto rocks scientists would say 'Beyond any doubt this was made by an intelligent life form, it didn't just happen on its own accord – via nature and natural laws. They would consider it nonsense to think it just happened this way. So why don't people see Gods handy work?

It's because it's "easy" to dismiss God because he is unseen and be biased towards him. People do this, in part, because they want to live their own lives and love what human natures desires and wants, so in order to justify themselves they throw God out, and feel safe in numbers. They don't like the image of Christ, they consider it weak because it is opposed to human nature and teaches truth, honour, patience, faithfulness, love, kindness, gentleness, humbleness and holiness - many want to live according to their own authority rather than being under Gods.

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