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"For man cannot live on bread alone, but needs every word which God speaks."

How are we "Gods"?

Recommended books

Take a look at our recommended books - tap/click on the book image to purchase via Amazon and read the relevant book synopsis.

Know your enemy. (e-book)
Author: Mark Fairley

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The Square Wheel.
Author: Colin Campbell-Barker

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A divine revelation of Hell.
Author: Mary K. Baxter

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A divine revelation of Heaven.
Author: Mary K. Baxter

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23 minutes in Hell.
Author: Bill wiese

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Answers - book 1.
Author: Ken Ham

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Making good sense of God.
Author: Timothy Keller

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Are UFO's are real?

Stay away from worldly music - it is Satanic. Don't let these 'artists' fool you - they are only interested in themselves - they serve Satan. Watch for 100% proof.

All true - Noahs Ark, Ark of the Covenant & Sodom and Gomorrah.

Modern-day magicians are making many people think that "miracles" are possible without Gods intervention and that Jesus also had these same super-human abilities - it confuses peoples minds about the truth from God in Christ.

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